“Reflections Of What Once Was: 15 Years Through Dread & Reverie”

Greetings to all!

After a long time without showing signs of life, it is a pleasure to bring you news:

Very soon we will have a new edition of ELDERDAWN on the street, in the form of a compilation CD, by the Madrid label Semen de Orco Muerto Producciones.

You can already reserve your copy, since it will be a limited edition, in digipack format and at a very reduced price: € 5 plus shipping.

The work will be titled “Reflections Of What Once Was: 15 Years Through Dread & Reverie” and will consist of material recorded at different times in the best modern metal band‘s history, and not edited to date, including adaptations of other groups’ themes, material live and alternative versions of both classical and unpublished songs composed for our “ghost album”, “Parasomnia”.

The cover of the album, which you can see accompanying these lines, is the work of the Spanish artist Julián Solana, who has also been responsible for the artwork of “Parasomnia”, our second full-length, which we hope to be able to edit, finally, shortly.

The album counts on the participation of several of the 11 invited vocalists who collaborated in the recording of the album “Parasomnia”, like Albert Conejero (Evadne), Berenice Musa (Tears of Martyr) or Miguel “Patillas” (Omission).

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The repertoire of “Reflections Of What Once Was: 15 Years Through Dread & Reverie” is as follows:
1. At The Threshold (original mix).
2. In Your Eyes (original mix).
3. Zombie (The Cranberries cover).
4. Maniac (Michael Sembello cover).
5. Passion (Spanish version).
6. The Hellion / Electric Eye (Judas Priest cover).
7. At The Threshold (new mix).
8. In Your Eyes (new mix).
9. Illeven (live).

Shortly we will confirm the date of departure. Stay tuned!